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Tips for Collecting Vinyl Records

The first tip for collecting vinyl records is to keep them in a dry, clean place. Try to avoid humidity and high temperatures as they can cause warping. If you have a collection of LPs, you can choose a suitable place for them. If you don’t have a record stand, you can buy a specialist unit. This way, you will preserve your records and prevent them from warping.

When collecting vinyl records, first and foremost, you must know the basics of vinyl quality and condition. You must understand that labels are misleading, and a good record can still be worth much less than a copy that doesn’t show enough scratches. You should know how to grade vinyl records in order to increase the value of your collection. If you are new to collecting vinyl, here are some tips to help you get started. If you have a passion for music, you can start by collecting albums that you love.

When it comes to storing your vinyl records, it is vital that they are stored properly. You need to invest in solid and durable shelving. Avoid buying cheap shelving that can easily collapse under the weight of your vinyl. Remember to store them at a 90-degree angle to the shelf, not flat. Do not store them flat, as this can cause ring wear, and do not press them against the sleeves. If you are a serious collector, you’ll be able to keep your records in good shape if you follow these tips.

Vinyl Records Shelf

Another important tip for collecting vinyl records is to buy proper storage sleeves. The best ones are made of non-biodegradable plastic and are slightly thicker than normal. The original sleeve packaging should be removed from your collection, as it can merge with the vinyl and damage it beyond repair. The same goes for paper sleeves. Paper sleeves are not good for your collection. They can be ruined by humidity. If you don’t know how to store your records, read these tips to ensure the longevity of your collection.

When it comes to the storage of your vinyl records, you’ll want to invest in a decent record shelf. If you’re just starting out, you might want to invest in a good set of shelves. Be sure to avoid cheap shelves as they can cause an avalanche of vinyl. And remember to store your records properly, too. Make sure they are stored upright at 90-degree angles to the shelf. Do not store them flat and press against their sleeves.

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While you’re collecting your records, you’ll need to make sure they stay in good condition. It’s important to purchase proper storage sleeves for your collection. The sleeves should be made of plastic. When buying vinyl storage sleeves, it’s best to buy non-biodegradable plastic to avoid warping. You can also use a soft surface to store your records. When you’re ready for your first vinyl purchase, make sure to calibrate your turntable.