The Biggest 21st Century Obsessions

It seems that as the years draw on and the decades roll past, we as a society, are becoming more obsessed and attached to certain things. Some of which are toxic and unhealthy, others are more health focused. It is often difficult to navigate your way through modern society as a mere mortal. Everywhere you turn there are models and celebrity culture has now well and truely taken over. Not only this but the rise of social media has also meant that even the most normal of us can become famous, purely on an online platform. It is the age of instant gratification so you better be ready. Here are some of the biggest obsessions our society faces in the 21st Century.


Technology has advanced at such an overwhelming rate that its hard not to be impressed. Not only can we watch coloured TVs and listen to music on portable devices, technology is beginning to take over daily lives and frighteningly enough it is beginning to eliminate the need for manual labour. Every supermarket you walk into now has self service checkouts, heavy industry is becoming a thing of the past and the landscape that once was an industrial Britain is now looking very different indeed. What it has been replaced with however is a landscape of business and technology. Although technology may have stolen and replaced many jobs it has now also created many in place of them. Advances in technology has now meant that the way we do everything has changed and the way businesses operate has changed. With new inventions constantly emerging and a new reason to purchase the latest Apple phone coming about every 6 months there are so signs of technology slowing down. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get with the programme.

Social Media

It is no secret that younger generations are glued to their phones. You see it everywhere, when they are socialising with friends, out for dinner or just walking down the street – they are likely on social media, desperate for any scrap of new information from the social sphere. It has got to the point that it has actually become unhealthy and more than toxic. The wave of social media started well over a decade ago now. Early contenders on the scene were Myspace and MSN. These have now been stamped out by image heavy Snapchat and Instagram and the untouchable Facebook. Young people are now seeking all their information from the social world – they read news articles, share photos and even take part in viral trends which are sweeping the nation. However toxic social media may be, it is something which will continue to grow and take over the minds of all who touch it, leaving them constantly desperate for more.


This is something which social media has played a massive part in. There are now internet sensations with thousands of followers, all because they are attractive. These people which we are constantly being reminded of every time we log into Instagram or Facebook are a large part of why we feel inadequate. There has never been a time in history where us humans have b

een so obsessed with how we look. This in turn has led to a massive boom in the cosmetics and fashion markets.