Starting A Record Label

So you’ve decided to start a record label and you’re going to do it your way. First of all, learn about the entire process of starting up a record label. You’ll want to hire a marketing professional to help you market your new music. Don’t forget the cost of the equipment as well, such as a mixer, microphone, and so on. Ask around to see what kind of marketing and promotion strategies people use to promote their labels and you’ll find plenty of examples.

Next, make sure the band you sign has been signed to an established label. That’s not always a show-stopper, however, so for beginning a record label, you may want to choose a band that is not signed yet! Meet the key people in the music industry. Your local music scene is loaded with freelance writers who can help you spread the word, but they need to know that you as well. Find out what bands are performing at the clubs where you frequent the most. These are some of the most crucial artists you can find for your label.

Once you’ve found a few candidates, make sure they’re ready to start their own label. A lot of people struggle with the decision of whether to do it themselves or hire a professional to help them. While it’s true that no one else is going to do it for you, there’s nothing like having an expert on your side. Your artist, for instance, may have been in several other bands before you signed him to your label. You’d be silly to sign a band and then find out the lead singer can’t sing!