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Green Energy Saving Scotland – Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

In the UK; and the world over, many countries are forced to grapple with the fact that the grid is unable to provide enough power. Many commercial establishments continue to wallow in confusion whether to go off grid. As such, forward-thinking businesses need to constantly appraise the move to invest big time in commercial solar PV panels. It’s true that the supply of electricity is unpredictable; meaning that a commercial solar venture can keep your company running should power volatility and inflation issues arise.

Solar Panels Scotland Design

Design wise; commercial solar panels Scotland are bigger than their domestic or business counterparts. They can generate more power and offer exceptional efficiency. If your commercial PV panels are capable of generating up to 5 per cent, you get more output compared to conventional business panels.

When commercial panels are installed, it’s easy for a firm to streamline utility costs and purge financial unpredictability. Industry surveys point out that investing in these panels can cover the initial outlay and pay for themselves 20 times over.

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For a large scale company with the luxury of space, nothing can be more cost-effective than installing panels on their roof or ground space. To make it easy, the UK government seems to have made it easy for these enterprises by easing out planning permissions and laws.

Easy Installation, Access, and Maintenance

Regardless of the roof systems on a company’s building, it’s easy for experts to get to the panels. Although they are installed expansively, there are structural and installation measures taken to safeguard the panels. For instance, HP energy rely on tempered glass casing and durable aluminium framework.

PV panels are exposed to harsh elements. As such, manufacturers are obliged to provide top quality products that can withstand such conditions. Advisably, a company needs to opt for reputable manufacturers that provide robust warranties that are guaranteed for 20 -25 years. In the longer run, the company will enjoy up to 25 years of uninterrupted power that is reliable compared to conventional utility supply.

Solar Power: Capital and Operational Expenditure

In itself, investing in Commercial solar PV systems or solar panels Scotland is a capital expense-cash or financed. The good news is that you get rid of monthly electricity bills completely. What makes it better is that you qualify for some incentives, grants, and loans keeping your capital outlay to a minimum. The Feed-in tariff (FIT) and the renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme help you to offset costs.

Green Branding/Marketing Opportunities

Universally, companies are going green in an attempt to show their commitment to environmental sustainability. This is a golden chance for any commercial establishment to clock more mileage from a CSR standpoint. Not only does a company build company trust but it also becomes easy to promote their marketing efforts. Notwithstanding, employees are looking to associate with and work for establishments that promote the use of clean, renewable energy. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for all given that productivity and the bottom-line will return impressive results.

For a company, supporting the local economy is a way of demonstrating strong corporate responsibility. When a large scale business opts to go for commercial solar panels Scotland installation, local experts are always ready to complete the project. HP energy can professionally install these panels leading to the creation of jobs.

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Runaway Utility Rates

Fluctuations in the power market are always a headache for companies. The high demand in summer and winter can affect demand due to high consumption. On average, utility rates keep rising by up to 6% on an annual basis. For a company to insulate its operational expenditure, commercial solar panels Scotland can help a great deal. Once installed, the generated output minimizes the variables involved and makes it easy to calculate power costs like any other fixed expense.

The Right Solar Power Supplier

As enticing as it sounds, commercial solar panels Scotland installation required practiced hands.

Whether your company invests in commercial solar power for financial, environmental or market propelled reasons; it’s evident that these panels translate into energy independence as soon as they are installed. This can only mean faster company growth and increased brand awareness.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are energy efficient and can be combined with a solar hot water; this means that it can also be used to top up the ground temperature to increase system efficiency. However, you may still need additional top-up heating from.

The benefit of switching to commercial heat pumps is that it gives out more energy than they use, and in most cases much more. If you use a good quality domestic heat pump you can have a system efficiency of over 300%. Get in touch with Heat Pumps Scotland today for more information.

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