Should You Consider Stress Balls?

Stress balls were first developed as a treatment for patients with physical disabilities who could not otherwise reach items such as food or water. Support stress balls are now used to help people suffering from mental health issues that cause excessive stress. The stress balls work to provide a source of support for the sufferer. If a person cannot reach something, they may become tense and unable to concentrate on a task at hand.

How Do Stress Balls Work And What Do They look Like?

The stress balls are shaped differently from stress pills and other forms of stress relief products. They have round edges rather than an oval or other shape. People sometimes think that if they hold them correctly, they will be able to focus on something. Holding them incorrectly can result in irritation to the skin. When you use a stress ball, you may feel a similar effect because it provides support to the same areas that stress can build up in.

When you squeeze or grip a stress ball tightly, you should do so for several seconds. Squeezing the stress balls may seem like a good thing, because it helps you focus on your muscles. Some people use this as an excuse to avoid paying attention to what they are doing, because they know that the squeezing will relieve their stress. While this may be true for some, it can also lead to poor posture and a loss of concentration while holding the stress ball.

How Can They Be Used?

Many people use stress balls during yoga classes. The squeezing action of the ball can be helpful during stretching. The tension that is built up in muscles and connective tissue during yoga stretches can sometimes lead to tightness, a loss of flexibility, headaches, and dizziness. By relieving these symptoms and preventing the onset of physical discomfort, stress balls can help relieve stress and prevent it from becoming a physical problem. They can also help relieve tension headaches that come on when someone is bored or feeling unproductive.

One more study found that these toys are effective at relieving stress for patients who suffer from chronic migraines. Chronic migraines are known to cause negative thoughts and feelings that can lead to physical and mental problems. These toys were able to decrease the number of times patients filled out hospital appointments due to their inability to stay awake long enough to complete them. In one month of using these toys, there was a significant reduction in the number of missed appointments.

Do Stress Balls Work?

All in all, the answer to the question, do stress balls actually work? The answer is yes. The main reason why they work is because they provide consistent support that requires your body to relax and calm down. Because you can feel a tight spot anywhere along your body, these toys encourage you to move through it and push through it. As you become more familiar with how they work, you will find that you will be a believer once you actually use one.