Keeping The UK Clean 2017


From crisp packets in the playground, to dirty carpets in the class room, local schools find it a nightmare to keep their buildings clean. It is safe to say that hiring industrial cleaners only benefits our schools.

Let’s take a look at how this problem is affecting English schools and how industrial cleaning benefits children across the country.

Clean Schools in Scotland

English schools have been hit hard by budget cuts and the Guardian has reported that “Parents have been asked to help clean’: how budget cuts are affecting schools”.  The Institute for Fiscal Studies has discovered that spending per pupil is going to decrease 6.5% by 2019-20.

This sad situation means that head teachers have taken to the social media platform Twitter to highlight the extreme decisions they are now having to make.

English Schools have also written to their pupils’ parents to let the know about their concern. Parents who are unhappy with the decisions are now asking MPs for an increase in funding.

Could this be a problem for Scottish schools in the near future? Let’s hope not! We have taken a look at the benefits of industrial cleaning.


Industrial Cleaning Reduces Sickness Rates

There are no cutting corners when it comes to school cleaning. Our schools and children deserve efficient, reliable cleaning and the lack of industrial cleaning. Industrial cleaning is vital in a school space.  Cleaning and disinfecting in schools helps to prevent common sickness as well as infectious diseases in schools across the UK.

From nursery to the university class rum, it is important that UK student’s health is being looked after. It is important that any building that has 100s of students is clean, as a dirty building, could have an effect on the health and wellbeing of all of those who use it.

Industrial cleaning experts recommend that any public building where children are present should be cleaned thoroughly. Time and resources should be invested if schools are going to be as clean as possible – one of the reasons why you should hire

It is known that there is a link between the tidiness and appearance of an environment, and concentration and productivity. If your kids are working in an untidy school, then their grades could slip too. This is why hiring industrial cleaners is so important, so our schools are maintained by professional cleaning services.

Cleaner Minds

By hiring a commercial cleaning company, schools are guaranteed to be cleanest they ca be as the professionals come to the school with the best tools for the job. Cleaning teams will also have procedures which will make sure everything is done correctly, safely and hygienically – nothing less than our school children deserve.


Anti-Muck Motivation

Children who are working in a clean, safe environment, are more likely to feel motivated. Working in a clean environment is not only important for the health and safety of students, it will also teach them good habits on how to look after their own spaces