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How SEO Glasgow Affects A Business

Search engines  are intertwined with how we go about our daily lives in today’s digitally driven world. Whenever we have a question, we turn to the one true God – Google. This blessed omnissiah shows us the way, lighiting up the darkness of ignorance with the ray of knowledge. What’s the capital of Zimbabwe? Google it. What’s a good takeaway in my area? Google that. What happens if I stop breathing? Try it and find out.

Google has the answers to just about any questions you can field. It’s entirely possible that if you dug deep enough, used the right keywords and search parameters, and added maybe just a smidgeon of luck, you can find the meaning of life. Or maybe just what laptop is best to buy. On the second point, considering that 81% of us search for product reviews and information before buying something, visibility on Google has become of paramount importance to the success of any business in the modern marketplace. This is where SEO Glasgow steps in to play.

What Is SEO Glasgow?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the act of optimising content and structuring a domain or page in order to get it ranking higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for an intended keyword or words. A keyword is a word or collection of words that a user enters into a search engine to return relevant results, with the operative word being “relevant”. An example would be “SEO Glasgow” for those that are looking for a digital marketing agency, such as Smarter Digital Marketing, in or around Glasgow.

Considering it’s well known that the top three results on a SERP take the majority of the web traffic, you can begin to see why SEO Glasgow is so important for businesses. The top position takes a mighty 34% of all web traffic for a keyword, which results in some intense SEO Glasgow battles between companies for SERP positions. It makes sense; if you’re on the second page of a SERP, you may as well not be there at all.

SEO should not be considered some magical elixer that will fix all your traffic and conversion issues however. It takes marketing know-how, time, patience, and good analysis to successfully implement a SEO campaign. If done poorly, SEO Glasgow attempts can actually damage a website’s rankings instead of boosting them.

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What Are The Mechanisms Of SEO Glasgow?

There is one core principle to SEO Glasgow: relevancy. Google – it could be another search engine, but let’s be real here, it’s most likely Google – exists to return the most relevant results as possible for a a users search query. Failure to return relevant results means a failure as a search engine.

To achieve this, Google reads or “crawls” a wep page. It will analyse the topic and theme of the content and then decide what keywords it is best to show a page for, and where to place it in the rankings for those keywords. It will then look at links that point to the domain or page.

When it comes to links, there are several things Google looks at, such as the general theme of the website that the link comes from, the websites’s domain authority, and the relevancy of the content on the page that the link comes from. A combination of these two aspects – on page optimisation and link building – is the core to SEO Glasgow services.

SEO Tips

If you are a beginner and are not sure where, to begin with SEO, then a good digital marketer will always make sure that the keywords are found in certain parameters. These parameters include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Page Title.
  • H1’s. 
  • H2’s.
  • Meta Descriptions 
  • Image Alt Tags

Fixing all of the above does not need to be time-consuming and if done correctly, it will benefit your business and impact positively on a business’ revenue. It just requires a good digital marketer and some patience.