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Eco 4 Grant Scheme & Grants For Air-Source Heat Pumps In 2023

Initial costs associated with air-source heat pumps can seem intimidating; however, thanks to government schemes like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and Energy Company Obligation grants, they may help lower these expenses for many UK homeowners. Grants for air source heat pumps can cover up to £5,000 of installation costs, making heat pumps more affordable. Unfortunately, however, these grants are limited and need to be secured quickly; homeowners need to act now!

Air source heat pump generators

Why Buy Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air-source heat pumps use electricity-powered refrigerant cycles to transport heat between the interior and exterior of a home without burning fossil fuels, making them an excellent option for homeowners seeking to reduce both carbon emissions and energy costs while simultaneously decreasing maintenance needs.

An air-source heat pump is a versatile piece of heating technology capable of being used with underfloor heating systems, radiators, or any other form of heat emitter in your home. A professional installer can assist in selecting the appropriate distribution system to suit your home while also making sure your air source heat pump is appropriately sized—an oversized system may cost you more money while an undersized one won’t provide enough warmth.

An air-source heat pump installation may be ideal for older properties in need of improving their insulation or new homes requiring low-carbon heating with solar panels for zero-carbon heating solutions.

Energy Efficiency of Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps use electricity to move warmth from the atmosphere into your home, significantly lowering energy bills by eliminating fossil fuel consumption such as propane or oil. They can even be used as cooling devices during hot summer days!

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme in England and Wales offers homeowners £5,000 towards installing an efficient heat pump. However, this offer will expire in early 2028, so apply as soon as possible!

Depending on the condition of your home’s insulation, upgrading may be required before you can install a heat pump. The eco 4 grant scheme offers this as an affordable way of improving home performance.

ENERGY STAR provides acquisition guidance for residential air-source heat pumps that meet programme requirements and efficiency criteria, which helps federal buyers select products that will fulfil programme requirements while meeting efficiency criteria. You can search the Energy Star Rebate Finder to locate incentives in your area. You can also use the Product Selection Tool to check if eligibility applies to your home.

Heat Pumps Also Decrease Utility Bills

Since air source heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels, their use will significantly lower energy costs – potentially saving as much as $500 annually, depending on where you live and energy prices.

Heat pump systems also use fewer fossil fuel storage fees compared to propane or oil boilers and may save on cooling costs because they don’t operate as hard.

To ensure you receive maximum return on your investment, professional home energy audits can provide invaluable help in making sure you make informed decisions and receive maximum value from your investments. An on-site energy audit involves inspecting insulation levels, pinpointing areas of heat loss, and identifying an air source capable of keeping your house at an ideal temperature. These audits are refundable and could reduce costs significantly should income-scaled state or federal rebates apply, providing a greater return for less expense!

Humidity Control

Heat pumps can help decrease humidity in your home, which is a leading contributor to problems like mould and mildew, musty odours, and asthma triggers. Reduced humidity also allows your cooling systems to run more efficiently since less energy will be required to keep cool air flowing throughout your space.

Are You a National Grid or NYSEG Gas Heating Customer in an Eligible Zip Code? If so, You could qualify for an incentive when installing cold-climate air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) and heat pump water heaters through the NYS Clean Heat website and through participating contractors. Find out more today by exploring their offerings through the NYS Clean Heat website!

This SERC grant project will install air-source heat pumps with deep energy retrofit weatherization measures into income-eligible single-family dwellings, studying their energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reduction potential.