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Botox Courses – A New Education in Aesthetics

The latest millennial trend sweeping the nation is that of dermal fillers and Botox. More and more young people are seeking out ways to enhance their appearance and are doing so by popping down to their nearest cosmetics practice. This has meant a massive opportunity arising for those wishing to study Injectables. Botox courses are a fantastic way to take advantage of the trend which is taking over the UK.botox training course

Botox is non-surgical and takes a small amount of time to administer and recover, this is what has made it so appealing. There has always been a desire to look and feel younger, more so with women but in today’s modern society, men are also seeking ways to enhance their aesthetics. Due to tight regulations by the HEE, it has meant that a Botox training course which is fully HEE compliant is the only way to succeed as an aesthetics practitioner.

Botox Training Course – Career Excelling

The Berkeley Clinic say that their Botox Glasgow treatments have never been as popiular. For anyone currently operating in the medical field, whether it be a nurse, doctor or dentist; administering Botox can be a great addition to your existing career. Medical professionals can usually find it easy to excel in the field of cosmetics due to their prior knowledge surrounding medicine and their existing clients they may have; this is especially true for dentists in a private clinic.

As a medical professional it is normal to wish to constantly evolve and grow whilst learning new skills. Botox courses are a great way to learn a skill which will fit into your existing career. After completing your Botox training course you will be able to have a nice financial cushion to fall back on and can administer Botox full-time if you wanted to or others keep it as a part-time affair with their existing career.

Which Type of Botox Course is Right for You

When deciding on where to do your Botox training course or which type of course would be right for you, you may want to consider your previous experience. If you have previously done some Botox training, then Level 7 Injectables would probably be the next step and would give you the highest possible qualification. The Level 7 Injectables qualification was introduced as a result of the tighter regulations set out by HEE. These regulations have meant it is now becoming harder to qualify in Injectables and become a practitioner but as someone botox courseswith a medical background you will be in a good position for this.

If you are new to Injectables, don’t let that put you off. As a medical professional you are well positioned to study cosmetic Injectables as you will currently have many skills which can be transferred into your new learning. Having the Level 7 qualification will make you an attractive candidate for cosmetic practices and will give you increased job security if you are currently a practitioner administering Botox and dermal fillers.

Wherever you do your Botox training course and whoever you choose to do it with, make sure the course is fully HEE compliant and ensure that you will cover the relevant topics and learn the necessary skills to enhance your career.